Understanding the Foundations: An Introduction to Soil Mechanics

December 7, 2023 2023-12-07 16:14 Understanding the Foundations: An Introduction to Soil Mechanics Soil mechanics is a branch of civil engineering that focuses on the behavior of soil when it undergoes stress or strain due to structural loads, environmental changes, or human activities. This field is crucial in designing foundations, earthworks, and other structural elements.… More

Empowering Young Minds: Teaching Body Autonomy to Kids 10 and Under

In a world where children are constantly growing and learning, one of the most crucial lessons they can learn is the concept of body autonomy. This concept, vital for kids aged 10 and under, is not just about understanding their bodies but also about recognizing their right to control their own bodies. This article delves… More

La influencia familiar en la conducta delictiva por Magaly Masis

Bienvenidos a nuestro video ‘La influencia familiar en la conducta delictiva’, presentado por la experta Magaly Masis. Este video es un recurso valioso tanto para profesionales como para familias interesadas en comprender cómo el entorno familiar puede influir en la conducta delictiva. Magaly Masis aborda este tema complejo con claridad y profundidad, ofreciendo una perspectiva… More

Body autonomy for kids 10 and below by Leidulataja Jimenez

“Welcome to our enlightening and child-friendly video on ‘Body Autonomy for Kids 10 and Below,’ presented by Leidulataja Jimenez. This video is an essential resource for young children and their guardians, aimed at teaching the importance of understanding and respecting one’s own body. In this engaging presentation, Leidulataja Jimenez explains the concept of body autonomy… More

Explore Excellence with AIU: A Graduation Triumph!

Atlantic International University (AIU) joyously commemorates the triumphant completion of the second graduation ceremony of 2023, affirming its pioneering stature in academic freedom for adult learners and experiential and distance education. The event, graced by 130 students from over 52 countries, was held on November 30th, 2023. It spotlighted AIU’s distinctive self-instructional model and collaborative… More

Macro Development & Current Challenges in the Financial Market: A Comprehensive Overview

In today’s rapidly evolving economic landscape, understanding macro development and the current challenges in the financial market is more crucial than ever. This article aims to provide a detailed exploration of these topics, addressing how macroeconomic trends are shaping the financial markets and the challenges they currently face. Macro Development in Financial Markets 1. Global… More

Unveiling Alumni Success: Key Statistics and Insights

Welcome to our exclusive video presentation: ‘Unveiling Alumni Success: Key Statistics and Insights.’ This video offers a comprehensive look into the achievements and milestones of our distinguished alumni. Dive into the data that showcases the impact of our educational programs and the remarkable paths our graduates have embarked upon. From career advancements to groundbreaking contributions… More

AIU Graduation 2023: Transforming Dreams into Global Reality

MyAIU Radio & TVThis is the perfect space to have your content out there and share it with the AIU community, we encourage our students to create new content and use the platform to get their viewers and gain reputation as a well known TV or Radio Host.We allow our students to post different type… More

Leadership and Organizational Skills by Silvana Mici

Welcome to our enlightening video presentation on ‘Leadership and Organizational Skills’ led by the esteemed Silvana Mici. In this engaging session, Silvana imparts her extensive knowledge and experience in the realms of leadership and organizational management. Perfect for aspiring leaders, managers, and anyone looking to enhance their professional skill set, this video covers key strategies… More

Technologies for Simulation of Renewable Energy Conversion System by Robenson J.

Join us in exploring the cutting-edge ‘Technologies for Simulation of Renewable Energy Conversion Systems’ in this detailed video presentation by Robenson Jean. This educational journey is tailored for those interested in renewable energy technologies and their simulation. Robenson Jean, an expert in the field, will guide you through the latest advancements and tools used to… More

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