Questions No One Knows the Answers To: A TED-Ed Video by Chris Anderson

TED Curator, Chris Anderson, like many of us as children, had wild and curious imaginations. Ideas about the world we live in. How things work, why things exist, where they come from. His mind filled with so many more mind-boggling fascinations.

He makes mention of two questions that no one knows the answers to, “How many universes exist?” and “Why has there been no sign of alien life?”.

On the question of how many universes, he brought our attention to the fact that many scientists and philosophers have theorized that there could be from anywhere between none (meaning even the universe we are in, the Milky way, is an illusion), to infinity existent universes. Come to think of it, we really cannot quantify how many universes exist. Our Earth is just a drop in the reservoir of planets, stars, and life that is out there yet to be discovered or make contact.

With this in mind, and I am sure that many of us have thought about it – why have we not heard about any concrete evidence of any alien life making contact? Chris mentioned that there have been conspiracy theories, but that is just what they are – conspiracy theories. He also mentioned that there are discussions on the fact that planets were created millions of years before the Earth, and that their technology would be far more advanced than ours (in theory), so why hasn’t any made any effort to journey across the galaxies and contact us (or have they?). The thought of there being many other species that exist, peaceful or not, often takes us down a rabbit hole of ideas.

We love ideas, and at AIU, we always seek to engage the minds of our students and other stakeholders with thought-provoking content such as this that enable us to think critically and creatively.

The possibilities are endless as to what you can create and achieve in your life. We foster the development of successful persons and those who want to make a difference. Who knows? Maybe one day, you can be able to put an answer or a theory to the questions above.

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