AIU’s 13th online Symposium “Exponential Personal Growth”

We are proud to invite you to AIU’s 13th online symposium “Exponential Personal Growth”. Students  from AIU will share inspirational ideas and knowledge about perfect health, lifestyle, work, education, achieving goals and more for personal growth.

The symposium is Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Time: Starts at 8:45 am, New York time

This symposium will be presented in the English language.

There will be a link given during the symposium to answer questions about the symposium. You will receive course credits for answering the questions.

Preliminary Schedule of Presenters

9:00 AM          Sr. Mary Concelia Mariampillai

10:00 AM        Yahaya Umar

11:00 AM        Stella Akiteng

12:00 PM        Michael Kumakech

1:00 PM          Felix Adzor

2:00 PM          Ramesh Bhatt

3:00 PM          Mathurin Konkobo

4:00 PM          Igor Silva

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AIU Simposio Crecimiento Exponencial Dr GenerosoNicolas

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